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INTERVIEW: My Creative Winter: A Writing Exercise from The Write Time

February 28, 2010

Finally, the days are growing longer. The months of cold snaps are (hopefully) near their end. Time to reflect on your winter of creativity. Let’s utilize a great technique for building characters and their stories: the planned interview. Write down 10 to 20 questions to ask yourself about your creative pursuits over the winter. Take time to answer each completely. Ask a couple of simple questions, but also delve deeper into your motivations and passions. Convert the question-and-answer format into a conversation with self. A few examples:

• What type of writing, or story subject, involved me most deeply?
• What new images, metaphors or similes energized or moved me when they spilled off my pen?
• To which authors, artists or musicians (new or classic) was I introduced this winter—and how did their works move me?
• How have I grown as a writer and creator this winter?

See where your responses direct you. Review what you have accomplished, and how you have changed over the winter—because you have, even if subtlely. See if you can transform your responses into a poem, short story, vignette, essay, song … or possibly a book chapter!

If you’d like all 366 exercises at once, order The Write Time — and be sure to enter The Write Time Writing Contest and have a chance at some of the $500 in total prize money, plus publishing options!


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