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The Write Time: February 19 – Dialoguing What Ails

February 19, 2010

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EXERCISE: How many times have you said about an ailment or ache, “I just wish it would go away?” Have you thought about asking why it stays around? Enter into a dialogue with the ailment or ache. Let it “speak” to you. Set it up like two characters talking—you and the affliction. Write a short story or vignette as if the affliction were a person. See what discoveries you make—and act upon them.

DISCUSSION: A major part of personal healing is making contact with the source of the affliction or ailment. By doing so, we give it a “voice” to “explain” to us why it persists in our body, and what changes we can make to rid ourselves of the problem. We also learn to know and honor ourselves more deeply. This exercise is also a great way to dive deeper into characters, especially when they face emotional or physical health challenges.

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