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The World’s Newest Writing — Every Day

January 3, 2008

Know what the definition of a writer is? Someone who writes every day. Even though I’ve been at it for a lot longer than I’d care to admit, I know the discipline of sitting down and coming up with something new every single day can be daunting … so I hope we can help each other out. I got this idea from a playwright in New York, who became so tired of getting writer’s block and falling short of ideas that she committed herself to writing a new play every day for a year in 2006 — and pulled it off.

Every day, I’m going to write something fresh and new on this blog — straight out of my journal. It might be the front end of a story, poem or vignette. It might be an observation, or a character sketch. I will add to it each day — going in who knows what direction, completely at the mercy of my Muse.

What I invite you to do is to either take off from where I end each day, or to take a piece of the writing and create something for yourself. Use the work as a prompt. See what you come up with.

I’m hoping that, by year’s end, we can come together and see what happened with these words — how many directions they traveled, the tangents they explored, the stories they told in your lives. If I get enough material, I will figure out a way to publish it as an anthology of some sort — with all participants receiving due credit for their contributions.

We’ll start tomorrow!

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